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Ever noticed how we tend to turn out so much like our parents?  Ever noticed how every family has some sort of dysfunction?  There’s a reason for it!  In this sermon series we will take a Biblical approach to Family Systems.  Family Systems is a wonderful lens through which we can understand human functioning, not only in families, but also in organizations like churches.  When Christians use these concepts to illuminate our struggles and triumphs, we gain a better understanding of who God created us to be, and how to function in healthy ways with the people God has placed around us.  Let’s put the FUN in dysfunction!

For far too long, the basic model of ministry in the evangelical church has been essentially escapism, trying to get souls out of earth and into heaven, trying to get people to escape the world and come into the church.  One problem: this is NOT what Jesus taught.  He commanded just the opposite, sending his followers into the world to make disciples of all nations.  It turns out that while the Church has a vital role in God’s mission, most of the Church’s work happens out there, in the real world.  Most of our faith is lived at work, at home, in our neighborhoods, and so on.  This is FAITH IRL (in real life)!

Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide an organization’s behavior.  They are cultural cornerstones… inherent, sanctified, and uncompromised.  They are both descriptive: who we are right now, and aspirational: who we are called to become.  Timberlake’s core values are the spiritual virtues that define and guide us as a church.


During this series we will tell some of the parables of Jesus and discover how they create a tapestry of grace, and hospitality, and generosity.  Pick up your paintbrush (literally and figuratively) and help us paint a picture of who we are, and who we are becoming, in Christ!

How does God give us grace, convict us of sin, guide us through the world, and empower us for holy living?  By the Spirit!  In our summer sermon series, we will explore the Bible’s teaching on the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.  On Pentecost, the Spirit is poured out on the Church, like fire and wind and tongues.  We are witnesses of these things.  Now we are invited to pray for, embrace, and follow the Spirit’s leading in our lives.


You and I are continually bombarded by advertisements and sales messages from all sides.  Corporations are intent on “doing us good” by providing for us all the products and services we didn’t even know we needed.  Messages come to us not just in the traditional places like newspapers and billboards, but also on TV and social media and on your shopping cart at the grocery.  It is the Christian’s duty to resist… to resist the ideas, the categories, the invented “needs.”  Because only by saying “no” to materialism can we say “yes” to Jesus.  And take heart, because even in the midst of this struggle, there is great joy.  When we have the courage to say no to the world so that we can say yes to Jesus, there is freedom, and liberation, and joy.

Baptism is one of our two sacraments, the other being Holy Communion. A sacrament is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. That is, the water is a sign of the grace of God, and much as a shower washes us on the outside, baptism washes us on the inside to take away our sin and grant us new life in Christ.


Baptism is initiation into the church. It is the means of membership and the ritual by which we receive new people into the community of faith. Baptism is incorporation into God’s work of salvation, a sign that we are being saved by the gracious acts of Jesus Christ. In baptism we participate in his death and resurrection.

We live busy lives.  Our days are full, sometimes even chaotic, and we often find ourselves in a hurry.  Life has been this way for so long that we hardly think twice about it.  So when we look more closely at the rhythm of our lives through the lens of Scripture, it may come as a shock to us that hurry is one of the great spiritual enemies of the Christian life.  Notice that in the Scriptures, as in our lives, the devil rarely shows up as a scary red monster with a pitchfork.  Usually it’s much more subtle: an alert on your phone which interrupts your prayer time, a Netflix binge, Sunday afternoon checking work emails, or yet another soccer tournament that takes you away for the weekend.


The good news is there is a better way.  New life through the resurrection of Christ is not only a future promise, but also a present reality.  The Jesus who forgives our sin is the same Jesus who grants us rest, play, sleep, and even simplicity in our lives.


Join us this Easter season as we talk about some of the spiritual practices that help us tap into this new life in Christ.

Hardly any Christian believer would argue for the necessity of anything beyond the cross and resurrection of Jesus for our salvation.  Yet, when it comes to living the Christian life, we go in search of many different sources for joy and peace and forgiveness, all of which will eventually disappoint us.  The book of Hebrews is clear: Jesus is sufficient… for our salvation, and for our life with God and each other.  Join us during Lent as we once again turn our attention to the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord, so that we may be reminded that Jesus is our great high priest, through whom we have access to God, and therefore we can have confidence in our faith in him.  Praise God that Jesus is ENOUGH!


“In these last days he has spoken to us by a Son…”

-Hebrews 1:2

We have deep theological roots, thanks largely to the founder of our movement, John Wesley, and the Timberlake saints who have come before us. But what does it mean to be Wesleyan? What makes us the same or different from every other church? During these four weeks, we will explore the foundations of our theological heritage and discover the guidance it gives us as we embrace God’s future for Timberlake.

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