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We hate to admit it, but sometimes the same Christmas story becomes a little too familiar, and we lose some of the awe and wonder we had when we first heard it.  It’s the greatest miracle in history: God becoming human, and yet it comes to us unexpectedly through the lives of regular people.  This Advent we will enter into the stories of these women and men so that we might see the main character – Jesus – with new eyes.  Join us as we discover again, as if for the first time, the good news of the birth of our Savior.

The upcoming vote on disaffiliation has raised some important questions for us. Because only members can vote, we have wondered, What does it really mean to be a member? And a related question – A member of what? What is the Church, really? During these three weeks, we will search the New Testament Scriptures for understanding and insight about church membership and discover that membership is so much more than getting our names on the rolls. It is a matter of being the body of Christ, having a covenant relationship with God and each other, and participating in God’s plan of salvation. Join us for our new series, Membership Matters.

Life is short.  These days, the average American lives for 77 years.  And to be quite blunt, most of us will not be remembered just a few generations from now.  Yet we long to make a lasting impact in our community and the world.  We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  So, what can we do?  There is good news!  The grace of Jesus Christ has eternal implications.  The seeds that we plant now will sprout in eternity.  The Bible is clear that some investments will last much longer than others.  Join us in October at Timberlake as we talk about how to leave a legacy, and bear fruit that will last.

Have you ever felt overworked, underutilized, too busy yet unproductive, worn out, and just stretched too thin?  We all have!  What if the solution isn’t to get more things done in less time, but to focus on the right things, and even get rid of the unnecessary?


We marvel at our Lord Jesus’ power and impact on the world, yet it is fascinating when we stop and realize that even Jesus didn’t try to do everything.  Think about all the sermons he didn’t preach, the people he didn’t heal.  Could it be that there is a better way to live than perpetual busyness?


Join us on October 2 and 9 as we talk about how to rediscover the essentials of life with our series called DETOX!


Having trouble hearing someone because of poor sound quality, or a loud conversation over lunch, or a soft-spoken coworker in a meeting are all something we have experienced. In most cases, we get frustrated because we can’t hear someone well. The same goes for how well we hear the voice of God. We are constantly deafened by the outside ‘noise’ surrounding our everyday lives. You have to get close to someone to hear them whisper. God has the same desire for us in our intimacy with Him. God speaks to us in many ways; Scripture, Desires, Doors, Dreams, People, Promptings, and Pain. To hear the voice of God, we must lean into Him closer; we must know Him. Because of God’s great love for us, we have the privilege of speaking and listening to Him.


The Church. 

Is it a building? No. 

Is it an organization?  Not really. 

Is it a group of people?  Yes! 


Scripture reminds us that we are called to gather together, encouraging one another, and then we are sent out into the world as the body of Christ.  We aren't confined to a building, to a location, or even to a denomination.  The church is the uniting of people under the gospel of Jesus Christ being released into the world to make disciples of all nations.  The church is an expression of the beauty of God, a community that worships the Lord, connects with our neighbors, serves the community, and lives in mission for God's kingdom.  We Are The Church.


Nothing says summer like roller coasters… the anticipation of the ride up the hill, the excitement of coming back down again, the nausea and weariness after riding too many times in a row.  Haha!  Life can be like that.  Lots of emotional ups and downs.  What shall we do with all of these emotional experiences?  Join us at Timberlake in July for Thrill Ride as we discover Biblical wisdom for developing our emotional selves.


Studying the book of Proverbs takes patience.  We don’t read them like a story, from beginning to end.  Or like a letter or a poem.  They are more like little nuggets of goodness – like a delectable piece of chocolate or a crème brulee – something you want to enjoy slowly, savoring every bite. They are meant to be read one at a time, and have all the juice squeezed out of it before moving on to the next. Not that they are meant to be read in isolation.  Read by themselves they can tend toward moralism, but read in the context of the entire witness of Scripture, they are a fountain of wisdom for us.


We will talk about learning to trust in the Lord as we follow Jesus as his disciples.  If life is a journey, then Jesus is our leader and guide, and God is continually setting out a path before us.  Sometimes the path is clear, other times it is not.  Which is all the more reason for us to trust in the Lord.


We all know the importance of gratitude.  Scientific studies prove again and again the Bible’s teaching that gratitude is healthy and important.  But notice how often life passes us by while we seem to take things for granted.  What if we could hit reset?  Join us for A Gratitude Intervention – May 29 and June 5 – as we inject some thankfulness into our lives.


The way that God has designed for plants to thrive is through a process of sunlight and darkness. First, in the unseen world underneath the plant is where the plant gains the necessary nutrients needed to produce strength for it to grow. Then, in the sun's light, the plant takes the water and nutrients picked up by the roots and transforms them into food for the plant. People can learn a lot from how God has made trees work. One thing that sticks out concerning trees is that the deeper the roots, the sweeter the fruits! 


Easter has come.  Our Lord Jesus is risen from the grave!  Hallelujah and Amen.  But now what?  Here’s the good news: the resurrection is not merely a historical event, but also a present reality that has a true impact on our lives today.  One of the places that we can experience new life is in our relationships with family, with friends, and with neighbors.  Join us for our new series, For Better or Worse, as we discover Biblical wisdom for healthy relationships and experience new life in Christ.



The season of Lent is all about getting back to the essence of our faith in Jesus Christ and returning to the practices that keep us connected to our Lord.  It turns out that one of the best ways to experience the grace of God is eating!  When we read the gospel of Luke, we see that Jesus was always eating with people.  He blessed and ministered to all sorts of people with food and drink.  Of course, the table is more than food, and eating is more than filling our bellies.  Bread and wine are to us the body and blood of Jesus, who died so that we may live.  This Lent join us at Timberlake as we come to the table.


What is the reason we gather every Sunday?  Why do we believe what we believe and live the way we live?  What is the most important reality in our lives?  


The answer: Jesus Christ.


As the book of Acts says, in Jesus we live and move and have our being.  And so, if the good news of Jesus truly is the greatest news of all time, we also have to ask: How is the world going to hear about him?  


The answer: Us!  The church.  We have got to tell them.  This is why God created the church – to be the messengers of the good news of Jesus.  The church is God’s plan ‘A’… and there is no plan ‘B’!


This is what it means to be a missional church: lost people get saved, saved people mature, and mature people multiply.


Join us in February for our series, Multiply.  It’s time to get the word out!


What metaphor best describes the social and political climate of our world today?  A raging storm?  A tinder box?  A battle?  Many images fit, and most of them are negative.  Our community and our world are as divided and conflicted as ever.  But “fight or flight” options seem insufficient to solve the problem.  Is it possible there is a third way?  A better way?  Join us in January as we talk about how to live with grace in a world of conflict.


We have so many things pulling us in different directions. So many commitments and opportunities that take up our time. But God says GET UP!!!! He wants to RELEASE us into the opportunities of this community. To be the hands and feet of Jesus. To better ourselves so that we can better others.

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