ROOTED - Friday, June 14, 2024

Psalm 115:1

Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, For thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake.



When I think about the time I had heart failure (when I was thirty), there are many memories that flood my mind. One in particular perhaps I will never, ever forget. I was in the cardiac ICU room at night (I was in the number one heart transplant hospital in the country in San Jose, CA). It was late (maybe 11:00). I was listening to one of the albums that I loved at the time… Newsboys (Devotion Album). A Christian group. I listened to the fifth song on the album (God of Nations”). I had learned how the Lord had spared my life and how close I was to having lost the life God had given me. I listened to that song with a sense of wonder and awe, and gratefulness for God’s hand on me, gracious and kind. What a glorious time of tears and worship I had hearing this song. The sweet presence of the Spirit of God was in that ICU room, I promise you! It was the closest I have ever felt the glory of God over me. Glorious night!

 Here are some of the lyrics.

God of all nations, Lord of creation
Your purpose is our hope our bread
And all You've planned and all You've said
Lord of the Heavens, Lord of the ages
The church You build shall never fail
No gate or border will prevail.

So tonight, be glorified, be magnified
As every nation lifts You high
Oh Father, tonight, it's our desire
To see Your kingdom shine
On earth as in Heaven tonight.



Lord, your purpose is our hope. May you be magnified in and through us. Be glorified… it’s our sincerest desire!