Released to Serve - Jessica Reynolds

Jessica Reynolds

Serving Team - Children's Ministry


I’ve been volunteering in children’s ministry for almost six years. I started in the nursery and then started helping on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. So I feel very passionate about children’s ministry. It was one of the reasons we chose Timberlake as our church home. We knew it would be a place where our children would be loved and grow in Christ. 


For me, the decision to volunteer was a no-brainer. A wise friend once told me, “Ministry doesn’t just happen, and it must always go on.” Our children’s ministry takes lots of love, behind-the-scenes work, and lots of volunteers. So I feel a sense of obligation to do my part in making sure that this particular ministry continues to thrive, not only for the sake of Timberlake but for my children as well. 


I love children, and I knew teaching them about Jesus would be fulfilling, but what I didn’t realize was just how much it would teach me. If I’m being honest, for me, reading scripture can sometimes feel overwhelming and even confusing at times. However, when I go over the prepared children’s lessons and simplify them so that a young child can understand, it makes it easier for me to understand. I find myself learning new things each time I teach. 


I know that God is moving in children’s ministry at Timberlake because I can see him in their sweet faces. I see him as they dance and giggle during praise and worship and in little hands stretched high to the heavens. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of that.




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