Released to Serve - Duane Ragland

Duane Ragland

Serving Team - Modern Worship Band


I've always had a passion for music since my mom gave me my first guitar when I was 11. I haven't always played in church, but about 20 years ago at Timberlake, I was asked if I wanted to sit in on practice in the first newly-formed praise band. This came when playing music had taken a back seat in my life. 


I truly believe God opened this door. It gave me the privilege of doing what I love and for His glory - a double blessing. It also allowed me to be active in the student programs that my kids grew up in at Timberlake. 


Playing in the band is one of the most important ways of how I worship, and seeing that worship reciprocated with tears of joy and outstretched arms from a congregation seeking God, is such a blessing. There are no words for this feeling. While I do not pretend to be an accomplished musician, I believe it is only right to give back through God's gift. In addition, service in the band has created special bonds with other band members through music and getting to share prayer and life experiences. May all glory be given to our God for what he has given us the privilege to do.





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