I Have Found Joy - Muriel Wagner

Why did I walk into Timberlake 18 months ago? My faith in Christ. I will tell you that I didn’t understand at the time.I asked God to find me a “healthy” church. Timberlake was the answer to a prayer. God doesn’t make mistakes.


When walking through the open doors of Timberlake, I was greeted by welcoming words and smiling faces. Others greeted me with "welcome to Timberlake.” As I walked in, I saw ‘joy’ on faces. The service started with comforting music. The pastor shared a message from the Bible, and I saw faith and joy show, but the story didn’t end there.


As I listened to the pastor, I received an uplifting gospel message. A lady that befriended me said, “I love my church.” Instead of saying something negative, she was positive.  


As God’s disciples, we are to love and serve others outside the four walls of the church building. And that is Timberlake. Mission has always been a service I love. But, I had no idea how much Timberlake did for missions.


     I have found “joy” in worship.

     I have found “joy” in music.

     I have found “joy” in serving.

     I have found “joy” in the friends I have made.


John 2:26 “Faith without works is dead”


- Muriel Wagner