Christmas Music

I pray your Advent season is a blessed one as you anticipate the good news of the birth of Christ on Christmas.


Today I’d like you to notice how this season is future-oriented. During Advent, we read the words of the prophets like Isaiah, who looked ahead to the time when God would send a Savior to redeem his people.  Even now, 2000 years after the birth of Christ on the first Christmas, we look for the day when Jesus will return as the King in glory to usher in – once and for all – the blessed Kingdom of God. 


Our God holds our future with power and grace.


And God invites our participation. This coming Sunday is a crucial day for us. As part of the Disaffiliation Process with the United Methodist denomination, we will have our Disaffiliation Vote at 12:00 PM in the sanctuary. So it is very important for all our members to be there.  I am praying that this day will be a sign of the new life we have in Christ and the bright future that God has for us as a church.


The Spirit of God is moving at Timberlake. Many new people are coming. Those of us who’ve been here for years are growing in faith. Financial giving is up. Participation in worship is increasing. Missions are thriving. Countless people, including you and me, are being touched by the ministries of this church.


God is doing a new thing in our midst.


My greatest joy as a pastor is sharing this new life with you, God’s beloved people, so that together we may accomplish wonderful things for God’s saving purposes in the world.


I will see you Sunday.


With great hope in Christ,
Pastor Brad