In my Wednesday evening LifeGroup, we are reading a great book by Francis Chan called Letters to the Church. As we at Timberlake move through this season of transition and growth, Francis has a good word of encouragement for us. He challenges our assumptions that the church exists to serve us when in fact, the church exists to serve the world.


Francis writes, “We have to stop viewing church leaders as people who minister to us. God clearly explained their role. It was not to coddle us to but to equip us (Ephesians 4:11-12). Think personal trainer, not massage therapist.” Imagine Timberlake leaders as personal trainers – men and women who encourage, challenge, teach, and push us to grow in Christ and give our lives in service to others.


The best question for our ministry is not, What’s in it for me? But rather, How can I serve? Worship is not meant for our consumption but for our offering. And all of us who have tasted the kind of selflessness that Jesus modeled for us know this is the key to contentment and peace—not taking, but giving.


We are so blessed to have a church full of generous, self-sacrificing disciples. Let’s carry this spirit into our ministry in the days to come.


With great hope,

Pastor Brad